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We Are Group Meat Food

Company dedicated to the export and import and trading of commodities

As for pork, beef, poultry, fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood with SIF enabled to China, Vietnam, and Hong Kong, with all the demands and international certifications. With a major presence in strategic points of the countries of the european continent, asia, and Latin america.

We transport our products to the major markets of the world

Selected products of top quality for the most demanding markets

We have

With highly experienced professionals.

Our Company

why choose us?

  • By the superior quality of our products
  • For ease and speed of management of procedures
  • For the constant tracking of your products
  • Fluent in communication

We have all the certifications and approvals for health care, which allows us to ship our top-quality products to all over the world.

Our Department


In Meatfood we want to be, at the height of the highest standards that are demanded by our global customers. For that we have a Export Department, and Logistics through which we channel all of our operations

Land Transport

Shipments by land are carried out with trucks adapted to ensure the safety of all our products.


Maritime Transport

Is conducted in refrigerated containers that enable the transport of goods that are sensitive to the change of temperature.

Rail Transport

International shipments are made through the wagons adapted, temperature-controlled

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Our best Products

Guaranteed Quality

We offer a huge variety of beef and pork, poultry, fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood of high quality, to satiisfacer the highest demands of our customers.
We negotiate with suppliers from all over the world, always respecting the standards of quality and ensuring the good condition of the food.

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Our Marketing

Specializing in the protein products

We have achieved an excellent relationship between customers and suppliers coming to perform our worldwide distribution, We are experts in the marketing of the main raw materials. The endorsement of a large number of satisfied customers we guarantee, you keep on trusting and committed Group Meatfoods as his manager imports and exports of commodities of confidence.